The history starts 65 years ago. Sant Jaume’s Cooperative was created by a group of Benissanet’s grape productors, based on the need of a winery where they could destine their harvest.

Even though some of the vineyards of Benissanet have been removed to plant other type of fruits, there are still around 50 hectares of pre-phylloxera vines. As a matter of fact, these vines are watered by the Ebre river. We work with the varieties Macabeo in white, Cariñena and Grenache in red, along with a small production of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.

65 years after its foundation, Sant Jaume’s Cooperative mantains the essence and personality of the first day. This is accompanied by the knowledge and the innovation of today with the stongest sense of respect for the environment. This allows us to produce high quality wines such as Ènnis and Llims, liqueur wine and aromatic beverages. But, let’s not forget to mention our collaboration in the production of La Pocavergonya.

Our history continues to be written. We want to make our cooperative winery not only a symbol of high quality products but also an example in our community.